Don’t Write About Your Feelings

Lynda Barry, on the podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour

“The last thing I want [my students] doing is just writing about feelings.

“I just don’t think a whole lot happens when you’re just writing about feelings, and certainly there’s not a lot left behind. 

“I had a friend who told me this story of finding his high school journals, and he was super-excited about reading them over. … He said he poured this beer, and he opens up his journals and starts to read, and it was just feelings, feelings – there was no details at all. Just feelings.

“He goes, ‘Lynda, it was so sad. It was like, original footage of the Battle of Waterloo, shot by a monkey, so there’s no pictures of Napoleon. It’s just BANANAS, BANANAS, BANANAS.’”

Monkey with banana

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