What You’ll Find Within

This is a place of failed experiments and half-finished thoughts.

It’s home to scribbles, sloppy handwriting, spilled coffee, grease stains, pressed flowers and other inclusions that may make the page buckle and warp.

Contents may also contain:

  • Crabbiness
  • Cutesiness
  • Shoddy sentence construction
  • Doomed attempts at perfection
  • Unfunny jokes
  • Sex
  • Adverbs
  • Abandoned projects
  • Unfinished drafts
  • Undotted eyes
  • Freudian slips
  • Streams of consciousness
  • Repetition
  • Hypocrisy
  • Rehashing the same stupid drama over and over again

This product has been manufactured in a facility that also processes:

dreams, goals, dashed expectations, irrational fears, bad smells and decay, beliefs unbacked by science, confidence, contradiction, imperfection, unfinished business, leaving and coming back.

This product is certified free from serial commas, semi-colons, spon-con and self-censorship. (It may contain up to 6% chocolate.)

Consumers who are not completely satisfied for any reason may return this product for a full refund of purchase price, or start their own blog.

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